Journalism’s Responsibility to the World

Yesterday’s group gave a fantastic presentation about the responsibility journalists have to the world when it comes to breaking news. They started talking about how journalism is starting to change. 15-20 years ago, most of the news came from TVs, newspapers and the radio. But it today’s electronically driven world, people are starting to expect their news to come to them immediately. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and other social media sites are starting to become the source for breaking news. Newspapers are now outdated by the time they publish the next day and even TV news which can go on several times a day doesn’t have the speed the internet does when it comes to breaking news.


Journalists have a responsibility to share news they find with the world. With the ever changing face of the news world today, journalists now have more resources and a greater ability share what they’ve found. However, with the demand for speed and news, journalists have to be careful before firing off a tweet that isn’t verified or posting a video that hasn’t had it’s sources checked. Journalists are still watchdogs for the public; they just need to be more careful about the things they post when they’re trying to keep up with the rapid pace of the internet world. In fact, here is an article that discusses this issue…


As journalists strive to stay ahead of ever breaking news, accuracy can’t be sacrificed. It’s a trick dilemma today’s journalists face. The group did a fantastic job of explaining multiple aspects of this, however this is the portion of their presentation that stood out to me. Well done, group three!

And, just because this post needs a little spice, here’s a Calvin and Hobbes comic strip. Somewhat related to the media, somewhat not. Who cares, it’s Calvin and Hobbes!



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